Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story): Not a Movie Review

I’ve just finished watching it, please bear with me as I try to recollect what went down and put things in perspective. It is the second showing day of Sid and Aya (Not a Love Story) and I have yet to go through other people’s movie reviews. To those who have watched, perhaps we can all agree that the movie is open to several interpretations as subjectivity and objectivity would come in to play.

I have two words for this movie: Atypical and Circumstances.

Atypical, like the title states, it is not a love story, but a story of people who swim the ocean of life that a good chunk of our current society can relate to. I will break this down a bit later. No I am not about to provide spoilers as the movie actually really merits your time and money – it is that highly recommended. Nepotism aside.

Filipinos have been known to be romantics; almost all movies produced for the past years were about love with perhaps spoonful of betrayal and getting back together on the side. We’ve been presented with romantic movies that have been well formulated to pique the curiosity of the moviegoers and make millions in the box office. But this one is a different kind of formula, thus it being atypical.

Ms. Irene Villamor, perfectly, in my perspective, provided us the characters that most people can relate to. One that has succumbed to the ruthless system of corporate ladder that giving a fuck about other people is seen as a weakness. One that actually portrays most of the working class citizens in our country: those who would give everything for the ones they love, even if it would cost their “hearts”.

Despite being total opposites and life leading them to different directions, circumstances led to a juncture for these characters. Anne Curtis has perfectly portrayed Aya. The hopeful looks, the struggle to keep each and every string tied together to get by, the strength to mend the broken pieces and the defensive stance of all things that could hurt were perfectly depicted. She has given light to those who are trying to get by through a new sense of strength, new hope and a promise that you are not alone with all the struggles in life and that you are actually understood. Dingdong Dantes is astounding in shedding light to those people that only wanted to have an honest to goodness conversation. The system can eat you up and you have no one else but yourself. He is all of us if you look at it in another angle. We all have struggled to find those few that we could actually have real conversations with. No judgment, no pretense, just the truth.

When you try to analyze the relationship of the main protagonists, as they said, Sid and Aya is not a love story but it is a story of how we take people for granted and how much we take to the point that one realizes it is enough or say “I could do better” and fuck you over until there’s nothing else left to do but leave.

I love the OPM music that goes with this movie, the songs would tickle your questioning heart. Imagine having these songs played on a rainy day with a cup of black coffee, it fits.

The ending, I’d tell you my interpretation but I will leave you to it. You deserve that chance to have a perspective of people, love, and circumstances and perhaps with all the rays of sunshine shining upon us despite what life throws – a new version of hope. I love movies that would string the goer along as conversations are to be made even after it has ended, Sid & Aya will give you that chance.

I like this ending better than my other favorite movie, “Like Crazy”, which left me somewhat broken. Like this movie, I hope Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story) gets that chance to have an even broader audience because it does offer a fresh take on Filipino movies.

On the side note, I love that our Filipino movies now have the English subtitles, even though I still struggle to keep my eyes glued to the actors’ faces as I tend to read but it makes our movies more inviting to those who do not speak the language.

I had to get these things out of my head and write about it. I’m no movie critic, just probably one who enjoys a good one. I don’t even know it if I made sense at all. =)