How to Report Your Lost Valid US Visa

This is my third post regarding my lost passports:

Anyway for those who have a valid US Visa and have lost it together with either your current or old passport, here is what you would need to do:

  1. Prepare the following documents:
    • If you have lost it in another country – photo copy your Travel Document, your police report (in English) from the country you lost it and the Affidavit of Lost/Mutilated Passport (but do note that this is written in Filipino)
    • Affidavit of Loss and have it notarized
    • Police Report here in the Philippines
    • Copy of your US Visa passport page – do note that this would help you identify your control number
    • Copy of your page 2 bio in your passport – just for purposes of reference

Note: *a, d, and e might not be identified in the requirements but I still prepared them in case it is needed.

  1. Email the US Embassy in the Philippines: stating the following:
    1. Subject: SURNAME, Name (example: DOE, John)
    2. State the following in Email body:
      • Full name (including middle initial)
      • Birth Place and Date
  • Visa Type and Control Number (I included this for good measure)
  1. I narrated also what happened and if I have clarifications as well
  2. Attach the documents identified in item 1 above (scanned copy)
  3. I also emailed beforehand for Fraud Prevention as it was advised to me initially by the Customer Service but they will direct you to the item number 2 email address asking you to do what is identified there

There is no automatic replacement of lost visas and I have yet to re-apply as I await for my new Philippine e-passport but I got a response that I should bring the original copies of my affidavit of loss and police report among other documents once I am to appear at the embassy.

Note that this will be a NEW Application and you shall go through the same process as how you applied yours before here: or

Hope this help for those who are wondering how to report your lost valid US Visa.