Not Flat As Pancake

Hi welcome to Not Flat As Pancake. I have been putting this site aside for about 3 years now – life – but I guess I have to start dusting this off and head back to my objective of why I had this lying around in the first place.

I love road trips – traveling in general and I wanted to share my experiences to those who have time to spare and read stories about cities or countries they are curious of or planning to visit. I am no travel blogger, I think I am far from that but perhaps I can be a bit of a guide and a story teller for some of you.  Just to get it out there, I have no “formal” certificates in photography nor have attended workshops in writing really. I just particularly pick up certain tricks through reading and learning from others so this site might not follow certain rules and what not.

Not Flat As Pancake came to mind when I was at my early stages of exploring – still am in my new stages as I have only been to a few countries. I wanted to have that portal where I could give other people a glimpse of what is outside their neighborhood or city or country. That these places have stories to tell and that there are lessons we can pick up from exploring. I know those who travel say that and I am no different. I wanted to blend in some sociological perspective in my traveling. Deep? Not really. Just perhaps wishful that I get to experience and see some of those efficiency applicable in my country.

I am still exploring. It will never stop and I still have so much to learn. The posts are not to mean anything negative – if in case there is a tone like that somewhere – please do not take it against me. I would try to be honest but not demeaning. Some of the content have been from my previous travels that I have pilled up in folders.

Hoping that this would inspire people to explore whether here in the Philippines or outside.

If you have followed me before from wanderinganneskie and have read a few of my thoughts there, thank you for reading again but this would be mainly about traveling/exploring – with a bit of random ramblings along the way, if you are new, welcome and thank you for giving a few seconds of your time.

Read on.

“I read; I travel, I become” – Derek Walcott